We are a "Friend of Liliesleaf".

We have undertaken to help create greater awareness of the work of the Liliesleaf Trust and its brand; to promote the importance of the Trust’s work, collections and their presentation to various communities; to fundraise for its various activities, maintenance and improvement of facilities and services; and to help introduce technology to enhance visitor experiences.

Liliesleaf Farm, once the nerve centre of South Africa's liberation movement against apartheid and a hideout and a place of refuge for its leaders, is tucked-away in the leafy suburb of Rivonia, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Liliesleaf is also synonymous with the famous Rivonia Trial, named after the Rivonia suburb where leaders of the African National Congress (ANC) were arrested (and documents discovered) on Liliesleaf Farm, privately-owned by Arthur Goldreich, on 11 July 1963. Among others, Nelson Mandela had moved onto the farm in October 1961 and evaded security police while masquerading as a gardener and cook called David Motsamayi (meaning "the walker").

A refurbished Liliesleaf opened to the public in June 2008 and is a tribute to the many lives that changed the political landscape of South Africa.



 A series of short, thought-provoking interviews with newsmakers providing insights, analysis and perspectives on South Africa, and its place in Africa and the world.

A platform to create opportunity and encourage young people to make use of their talents, experience to identify, engage, influence and shape key economic, social and policy decisions; working in close cooperation with their peers and diverse stakeholders to identify challenges, define solutions and take actions, always in the spirit of Africa’s interest.

Our engagement will range from high-level think-tanks, thought-leadership, research networks and digital collaboration.

Africa Future Dialogue is independent and not tied to any special interests. Moral and intellectual integrity are at the heart of everything we will undertake; deliberate in engaging, influencing and shaping the Africa Agenda in the public interest.

 Two projects focusing on the rights and protection of women, children and people with albinism.

Bringing men and boys into a network of advocates and activists for women's rights. In partnership with UN Women and HeForShe.

 Raising awareness and promoting and protecting the rights of people with albinism. In association with Albinism Society of South Africa